Keys & Carpet

Updated: May 26, 2018

Officially Homeowners!

We have a lot of work planned for Golden Ave. Having grown up in a house consistently under renovations (carpenters daughter) I can only imagine it will take us a long time to complete the full list.

Lots of weekend projects, late night painting & living on temporary plywood floors.

First things first we ripped up the carpet, sadly exposing our lack of hardwood floors. Flooring was our main priority as the existing carpet smelt badly of dog. Our Plywood subfloor is extremely creaky so we may have to replace this with new material. We are going to screw the ply down & test to see if this will solve the problem before we lay down new floorboards.

We have a engineer advising us on the possibility of knocking down the 'load bearing' arch wall. We picked at a badly patched area on the arch wall to reveal some interesting MDF signs protesting the use of Kangaroo meat.

Bruce (the builder) felt some of our exterior brick cracks had changed for the worst so it looks like our foundations will also need assessing.

Hoping to visually document more of our Golden Ave Reno. Took some footage of our first few days.


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