House Update

Its been two whole months since we first got the keys & started work on Golden Ave and we are slowly chipping away at our long to do list.


Day one involved the removal of all carpet which has completely removed the dog smell. We drilled all our plywood sub flooring down to stop the creaking sounds and living on the plywood isn’t so bad for now.


My partner had the first couple of weeks off work to get stuck into some removal of the dinning/kitchen tiles. This was a particularly harder job then expected as we learnt there was two layers of tile and unfortunatly some Hardiflex sheeting under that. We knew with the era of the house we could potentially find asbestos and a trip down to a local test lab confirmed that we had a 'modern asbestos’. This resulted is sporting face masks, bagging up and removing it all ourselves. We had a long weekend and some particularly hot weather which was difficult without aircon (to stop dust flying around the room). The best part of all this, we still have more to remove! Tiles are still remain under the kitchen bench, pantry, down the hall and throughout the laundry and bathroom. Lessons learnt, I think next time we might look at paying a professional to remove the rest.


Another task (half completed) was squaring off the decorative arches in the living space. They were so impractical to walk through and we want to open up this space as much as we can. With a few electrical points in these walls we didn’t pull down everything but this only took a couple of half days and has already helped visualise the future of this space. Plans are in place to add a post or column in the middle that can support the two beams.


We are gearing up for some external work to the front of the house. Materials are all ordered and will arrive within 3-4 weeks. Then we can organise a time and date with our family (builders) to commence work. I'll be sharing more details about our plans soon. 

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